3 ways to speed up your business trip abroad – a travel manager’s guide

Good planning of a business trip abroad and choosing the best means of transport for the destination may help to shorten the trip to the necessary minimum. How do I avoid unnecessary downtime without wasting valuable time?

More and more companies entrust the management of business trips to employees in the position of travel manager. This person is responsible for the planning, preparation, and budgeting for the trip. According to a report from the Accor hotel chain, 34% of business travel decisions are made by the travel manager. According to these studies, this employee focuses on optimizing travel costs (64% of cases) and improving the effectiveness of reporting systems (43% of indications). In many situations, the travel manager decides to organize transport via private airlines.

To the airport quickly and efficiently

It often takes a long time to get to the airport. Distance from the airport and traffic jams – these are the factors that need to be taken into account when planning a business trip. Sometimes flights to the destination of your choice are not operated from the airport you are closest to. It takes a long time to travel to a port in a city other than the company headquarters. Then the freedom to choose the airport from which we want to operate a business flight gives us the decision to use the services of a private airline.

All that remains is rapid transport to the airport. In many cases, it is not worth driving a private car. Taxis and cars belonging to the airlines that operate our flights have more freedom to park close to the terminals. Often convenient and fast connections are also offered by public transport (e.g. fast railway), although one of the drawbacks of such a solution is the need to deal with luggage on your own.

Customs clearance – only a moment

International airports are serving an increasing number of passengers, but their capacity is limited. The queues for clearance and control are increasing and the waiting time at the terminals is increasing. The airlines recommend that you arrive at the airport about an hour and a half before departure; many people arrive even earlier. Another waste of time is the delay of flights (due to weather conditions, too much traffic in the air, prolonged loading of luggage or waiting for late co-passengers). Renting a private plane reduces waiting time at the terminal as much as possible. Passengers pass through separate gates and check-in takes only a while. There is no waiting for other travelers to come on board after the final call.

Flight reservation – quick and easy

David Copperfield, a famous illusionist, admitted in an interview on how useful chartering is at work. The millionaire with apartments in New York, Las Vegas and a private bay in one of the islands of the Bahamas Archipelago (Copperfield Bay) believes that the most advantageous and fastest way to travel is to charter your planes. He admitted that when he travels around the world, giving about 600 performances a year, he prefers Bombardier Challenger 300 and Challenger 604, as well as a small Cessna Caravan. The illusionist once considered buying an aircraft as a property, but now believes that charter flights are more convenient as all the flight operations are carried out by qualified staff.

Aircraft hire eliminates the problems associated with reviewing airline offers and reconciling flight schedules with travel or meeting schedules. In this case, it is the passenger who chooses the departure time. The carrier will advise him on the best destination in a given case, help and advise him on the whole organization of his journey. An individual approach to the customer is not only much welcomed, but also helps to avoid misunderstandings, work out the best plan together and optimize the journey.

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