The benefits of running

Regular running is not only a recipe for a slim silhouette, rocky buttocks and a better chance of reaching an escaping bus. It is also (perhaps most of all?) an excellent recipe for a longer life.

I don’t know how to cope with difficult moments of my life if it wasn’t for running. Maybe I would fall into alcoholism? Or would I join a local gang and steal the radio? This is one great unknown. I often wonder how my life would develop without sport, where I would land excess bad energy… Anyway, athletics shaped my character, running taught me patience and sport became the best antidepressant pill. Although I run almost every day at the moment, I rarely go to training to train. Sometimes running is about something completely different.

Apart from my life’s thoughts on running, I would like to discover step by step the benefits of regular “tup, tup, tup..”. Of course, I don’t discover America in front of you – I only discover one of the cards of the winning waist. In short, by running, you do your body a great service both physically and mentally. Friends laugh at me that through this running I stopped biologically somewhere in high school. Fakt… Although the tip stopped on the life counter, I still look like a teenager (acne luckily behind me). And that’s a good thing for me!

Regular jogging = longer life

Research leaves no doubt – regular jogging increases the life expectancy of women by 5.6 years, and for men by up to 6.2 years. And a few decades ago they were judged differently.

Scientist Peter Schnohr argues that optimal longevity benefits are achieved by running 60-150 minutes a week at a slow to moderate pace.

The results of the study allow us to definitely answer the question whether jogging is good for health. We can say with certainty that running increases life expectancy. It’s comforting that you don’t have to do too much to get the benefits,” said Schnohr.

The discussion on jogging began as early as the 1970s when several middle-aged men died while running. It was then that it was suggested that jogging could be too exhausting and not necessarily pro-healthy for ordinary people of this age group.

Slight breathlessness + 2-3 workouts per week + 1-2.5h = longer life

The prospective Copenhagen City Heart population survey started in 1976 and covered about 20,000 men and women aged between 20 and 93. In a jogging study, the mortality rate of 1116 running men and 762 running women was compared to that of blue-eyed people in the main population. They were asked about the time they spent running each week and how much time they spent evaluating the pace. With participants of such an age range, we considered that a subjective scale of intensity would be the most appropriate approach,” said Schnor.

Data were collected four times: between 1976 and 1978, as well as between 1981-1983, 1991-1994 and 2001-2003, with a maximum tracing period of 35 years. There were 10,158 deaths among the non-beginners and only 122 among the runners.

Running 60-150 minutes a week in 2 or 3 sessions turned out to be optimal. Ideally at slow or moderate speed. Mortality among those who mention moderate running intensity is lower than in groups who do not run or exercise very intensively. The ideal pace can be achieved by getting into a state of slight breathlessness. In addition, doctors and scientists argue that running significantly reduces blood pressure, prevents obesity and improves heart rate. Therefore, regardless of their age, they encourage this form of activity.

Run to live longer
Run to release endorphins,

Run for health. It sounds a bit like a film, but it is a holy truth. By running, you protect your body not only from a cold but also from certain types of cancer (breast, colorectal cancer). Running is one of the best aerobic exercises, it helps to keep the heart and lungs in good shape. Running also reduces the risk of heart attacks.

Running is a great way to reduce stress. Many runners experience the so-called runner euphoria after a long run. All this is due to the hormones of happiness – endorphins, which are secreted during physical exercise. People running regularly are happier than those who do not. Do you want to be more creative and energetic? Run! Many really brilliant ideas arose while running.

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